Meet Mubark

He’s nine, sells baneq and tirmis infront Mubark hospital. I asked him why he was selling baneq and tirmis. He said مادري (I don’t know). I smiled and left.

I know why but at the same time, I don’t. I wanted to take him away from his parents but then what? Ask the law to do what it’s supposed to? I wanted to take him away and save his childhood but im not his mother nor his father. I wanted to sit with him and ask him how he got here, where his parents are at. In my head I wanted to help him, I still do. A few months ago I met a young boy 13 or 14 years of age selling movies infront of the jami3ya. Two weeks ago I meet another kid infront rimithya jami3iya selling movies. He told me his age but I forgot, 11, 12, 13, does it matter? Every time im near the sea I meet a kid who sells colored lights. Theres always a kid thats selling something, doing this or that. Theres always that poor kid but I just got a thousand KD. I just got a thousand KD and Mubark continues to sit infront of the hospital selling baneq. I can’t say I know if he’s there often but he was there today and thats what matters. This one day is all it takes for me to be crushed. Can’t you see how the system is flawed? I go out, spend 5 kd on a meal I don’t enjoy, watch a movie for 3 kd that I don’t enjoy, eat some pinkberry that I don’t enjoy and Mubark sits on a tiny chair and gets what he gets.

250 fils? inshalla
500 fils? thank you
1 KD? right on.

How many Madree’s are there in Kuwait?

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